Microsoft and BMW team up to bring Skype for Business to the new BMW 5 series

BMW today announced during their “Innovation Days” event in Chicago that they will be teaming up with Microsoft to bring Skype for Business to the new BMW 5 series. This all comes after Microsoft and BMW previously partnered with the technology giant in 2016 to create the Open Mobility platform and help drivers who rely on Office 365 at work to […]

Intel’s Core i9 Extreme Edition CPU is an 18-core beast

Last year at Computex, Intel unveiled its first 10-core consumer CPU, the company’s move into the world of a “megatasking.” It was a pricey chip, launching at around $1,700, but it satisfied users who needed to juggle several intensive tasks at once. Now, Intel is upping the ante with a new family of processors for […]

A look inside LinkedIn’s New York office, where employees enjoy perks like free gourmet meals and a speakeasy hidden in the Empire State Building

Here’s what we saw when we recently visited.Sarah Jacobs In many ways, LinkedIn — a company that helps more than 500 million people in over 200 countries make professional connections and scout out new opportunities — has become an integral part of everyone’s careers. But what is it like for the more than 10,000 people who actually work at the […]

VPN Gratuit

Comparatif VPN gratuit Vous êtes nombreux à vouloir découvrir ou utiliser un VPN mais de façon gratuite. La liste proposée ci-dessous vous présentent des VPN gratuits avec ou sans aucune limitation de données, avec ou sans restrictions d’ usage (vitesse, VOIP, P2P, port de connexion pour le FTP, ….). Les meilleurs VPN gratuits sont ceux […]