A look inside LinkedIn’s New York office, where employees enjoy perks like free gourmet meals and a speakeasy hidden in the Empire State Building

Here’s what we saw when we recently visited.Sarah Jacobs In many ways, LinkedIn — a company that helps more than 500 million people in over 200 countries make professional connections and scout out new opportunities — has become an integral part of everyone’s careers. But what is it like for the more than 10,000 people who actually work at the […]

Google To Launch Its Google Hire Website Soon

Google Hire Website: Google is trying to launch many latest services these days. Google recently introduced the Google Areo service for hyperlocal services. Now, the company is all set to start its job application service. This exclusive service is called Google Hire. Google is a famous search engine used widely. So, the new hiring service will […]

What is VMware NSX?

VMware NSX is the network virtualization and security platform that emerged from VMware after they acquired Nicira in 2012. This acquisition launched VMware into the software-defined networking (SDN)  and network functions virtualization (NFV) world. The solution de-couples the network functions from the physical devices, in a way that is analogous to de-coupling virtual servers (VMs) from […]